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Closing Costs for a Real Estate Closing in Connecticut - Get A Quote!

Connecticut has historically been an "attorney" state meaning that attorneys are the ones performing real estate closings.  Once upon a time this was all closings, purchase, sale and refinance.  It is still true for purchase and sale, but for refinance in many cases the attorney has been replaced by a "title company."  This is sometimes the actual title insurance company, i.e. First American or Chicago Title or one of the other national title insurance companies, and it is sometimes a title company that in fact is an "escrow agent" or "title agency" or "settlement agent" from out of state.  In many states, it is very common for title insurance companies or title companies to perform all closings.  As the lending and real estate businesses have become much more national than local, especially with the advent of the internet, many lenders have shifted their borrowers into these title companies rather than attorneys.

Why?  Ostensibly it is cheaper for the consumer, my experience has been that the issue is one of control rather than cost.  By selecting the settlement agent, the lender can move the process along more quickly and make sure that the borrower does not lose interest or get sidetracked before the deal closes.  It has been my personal experience that (at least speaking of my fees)  that attorneys typically charge no more than these title companies.  If I were borrowing $200,000 I would want to know that the loan was closed properly and that if I had questions there is a local, licensed professional to seek out.  Many times with real estate closings the mistakes only come to light years later, and by then who knows where the title company referred by the lender has gone to?

If you want to know how much I will charge for doing a real estate closing in Connecticut, purchase, sale or refinance, you can use the simple form on my website and I will promptly email you back a personalized quote for your transaction (or ask additional questions if needed).  The quote will include the applicable title insurance premium if the requested information is provided.


About the author:  Attorney Begemann is a member of the Connecticut Bar and practices real estate and business law in Connecticut.  As an experienced real estate attorney he represents individuals and lenders in residential and commercial loan closings across Connecticut, including the purchase, sale and refinance of real estate.

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