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Seller Disclosure Form Revised for Connecticut Closings

For every almost every residential real estate transaction, the seller has to complete and give to the buyer a seller disclosure form.  This form is mandated by Connecticut state law, and asks the seller questions about the property being sold.  It is made part of the buyer's offer to purchase the real estate, and part of the real estate purchase and sale contrct  It is very important that the seller carefully complete the form to provide accurate answers without potentially misleading the potential buyers.  Failure to provide accurate information has lead to litigation against sellers if the buyer purchases the property and after the closing determines that the information provided has been inaccurate.

The State of Connecticut has recently updated the required form to reflect recent changes in Connecticut law governing real estate transactions.  A copy of the current form can be downloaded here.

As always, please feel free to contact me with any questions on this or any other real estate law issue here in Connecticut.


About the author:  Attorney Begemann is a member of the Connecticut Bar and practices real estate and business law in Connecticut.  As an experienced real estate attorney he represents individuals and lenders in residential and commercial loan closings across Connecticut, including the purchase, sale and refinance of real estate.

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